About us and the project

About the project

For parents

BREASTFEEDING – a good beginning, together: 

  • is to help you, as new parents, to find the guidance you need, so that the breastfeeding process is as successful and as long as you hoped for. At the same time, ensuring that your baby grows and thrives as it should. 
  • is to ensure that you, as new parents, experience a link between the guidance you receive at the hospital and the guidance you receive from the health visitor when you return home.  

For healthcare professionals 

BREASTFEEDING – a good beginning, together: 

  • has an overall purpose to develop, implement and evaluate a breastfeeding program, offered by health visitors in the municipalities 
  • takes place in close collaboration between the Competence Center for Breastfeeding, the University of Copenhagen and 20 municipalities in the Regions of Southern Denmark and Northern Jutland 
  • is implemented in 2020 – 2024 and financed by the Nordea Foundation, and the Obel Family Foundation. 

About us

The Resource Center for Breastfeeding is part of The Danish Committee for Health Education. We are three employees in the resource center: a midwife, a nurse and a health visitor. We have all worked in clinical practice for several years and also have a higher education in breastfeeding.  

Our purpose is to collect and disseminate research-based knowledge about breastfeeding to healthcare professionals throughout Denmark and to contribute to the exchange of experience and networking within that field. 

The Resource Center for Breastfeeding collaborates with, among others, the National Board of Health, health professional organizations, maternity units, municipal health services, universities and vocational colleges in Denmark. 

You can read more about the Resource Center for Breastfeeding on our website www.kompetencenterforamning.dk   

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